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SpectraKill RTU - Who We Are

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Meet SpectraShield, a chemical disinfectant & cleaning product company

For 200 years, caustic chlorine bleach and ammonia are legacy disinfectants for commercial and residential use.

However, over time we’ve learned that these ingredients are actually hazardous to you, your family, and to our environment. SpectraShield Technologies is committed to providing safe disinfectants for the 21st century. With EPA-registered products, our disinfectant company provides patented chemistry and industry-leading technology that does it’s job well, while remaining cost-effective for you.

About Our products

Broad-spectrum disinfectants using the power of Hydrogen Peroxide.

SpectraShield Technologies has 3 main products with the associated manufacturing capabilities to produce amounts from quart containers up to a 4,500 gallon tankers.

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Our Values


Environmentally-friendly chemistry that increases sustainability


Continuous improvement, collaboration, and Research and Development


Agile, Driven, and Goal Oriented to meet our customers needs

Our History

The SpectraShield Story.

In 1995, an act of domestic bioterrorism in Tokyo’s subway system propelled the U.S. Government to recognize the need for a better response to the increased danger of biowarfare at home and abroad. The Department of Energy granted Sandia National Laboratory funding to create a broad-spectrum decontaminant that could be used against known and unknown biological and chemical warfare agents.

Our History

The SpectraShield story.

Approximately $5M in testing was completed for the Decon Formula 200, or DF-200 (its research and development name). Sandia National Laboratories (a U.S. government research laboratory) was tasked with the development of a new decontaminant that was much less toxic and corrosive than chlorine bleach and other legacy decontamination formulas.

This technology was brought to Lance Ross and Crown Technologies, Inc. to commercialize the formula and establish EPA registration for a high-level disinfectant. SpectraShield Technologies, LLC (“SST”) was established in 2010 with five US patents and 12 foreign patents.

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Latest Innovations

With the emergence of the Coronavirus, SpectraShield Technologies has conducted GLP testing with SpectraKill®™ RTU against multiple viruses to include Human Corona Virus.

We have submitted those GLP tests to the EPA for registration on EPA List N. The one-part powder (SpectraKill®™ Decon), if proven to be as effective as the DF-200, is a multi-industry game changer.


Initial formulation from R&D in Non-GLP testing shows excellent efficacy as a bactericide, fungicide, and sporicide at a 1:20 dilution.  Currently, the US DoD uses the DF-200 as it chemical and biological decontaminant. Preliminary testing shows that the powder has achieved full inactivation of a Mustard Gas surrogate, which is generally recognized as the more difficult bio-warfare agents to destroy. Furthermore, the powder has shown excellent efficacy as a bactericide, virucide, and fungicide. From a safety and health aspect, the powder consists of all “Generally Regarded as Safe” ingredients, which furthers solidifies its environmentally safe profile and importance.

Meet the SpectraShield Team

Thad Weist

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Boyer

VP Sales and Marketing

Lance C. Ross

Managing Member
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