Ecolab & Medical-Grade Disinfectant

CBRN Decontaminant

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Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents

Spectra DF-200 is considered to be the best available decontamination technology by the US Department of Defense (DOD).

This product was staged in the Middle East as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom after Sandia National Laboratories $5M of Research and Development efforts.

Product Benefits

  • Low toxicity and corrosivity
  • Non-hazardous for storage and transport
  • Disinfection and cleaning
  • Destruction of organophosphates such as pesticides
  • Destruction of pathogenic microorganisms
  • Laboratory cleanup and cleanout
  • Destruction of mold and mildew
  • Destruction of biomasses
  • Cleaning/laundry agent for PPE, rescue/recovery  dive gear, linens, body armor or other materials  potentially contaminated with hazardous biological  materials
  • Powerful odor neutralizer and stain eliminator
  • Oil dispersant

For Use On

  • Hospitals  Nursing Homes
  • Medical & Dental Offices
  • Operating Rooms
  • Isolation Wards
  • Quarantine Areas
  • Medical Research Facilities
  • Morgues & Mortuaries
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Acute & Long‐Term Care Facilities
  • EMS, Police & Fire Vehicles, Living Quarters & Vehicles
  • Crimes Scenes
  • Gymnasiums, Locker Rooms
  • Cruise Ships, Theatres, & Schools
  • Airports & Shipping Terminals
  • Public Transportation
  • Private Residences


  • foams
  • liquid sprays
  • mists
  • aerosols
  • fogs

About Our products

Spectra DF-200

Spectra DF-200 has been successful in neutralizing chemical (CW) and biological (BW) warfare agents, biological pathogens, and many toxic industrial chemicals. Spectra DF-200 is the state-of-the-art technology that is able to achieve 7 Log Kill requirements to neutralize Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents. it has been successful in neutralizing chemical (CW) and biological (BW) warfare agents, such as:

  • GA (Tabun) Nerve Agent
  • GA (Soman) Nerve Agent
  • GA (Sarin) Nerve Agent
  • HD (Mustard) Blister Agent
  • Lewisite Blister
  • VX Nerve Agent
  • Multiple Toxic Industrial Chemicals
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