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How Safe is SpectraKill RTU?


Disinfection / April 8, 2021

Occasionally, customers will call and ask about the toxicity of SpectraKill RTU and if the product is safe to use.  The answer is YES, SpectraKill RTU is safe to use.  In fact, SpectraKill RTU is far safer than most EPA Registered disinfectants.


The EPA evaluates the toxicity of Disinfectants through mandatory live animal studies.  Certified Labs study inhalation, ingestion, and direct contact with eyes and skin of large rats and rabbits.  After two weeks, an analysis is conducted to identify any ill effects from exposure to the disinfectant.


Each test is graded Category 1 through Category 4 for toxicity.  The EPA defines Category 1 as “Highly Toxic / Poisonous”.  Category 2 – “Moderately Toxic”. Category 3 – “Slightly Toxic”.  Category 4 – “Practically Non-Toxic”.  So regardless of the chemicals used in a disinfectant, all are evaluated for toxicity in a consistent way.


In the studies conducted for SpectraKill RTU, every test scored a Category 4 “Practically Non-Toxic” except direct eye exposure, which is a Category 3 “Slightly Toxic”.  Being Hydrogen Peroxide, it makes sense that spraying it directly into one’s eye would cause some irritation.  But outside of direct contact with eyes, Hydrogen Peroxide is known to be naturally benign.


What makes SpectraKill safer than other disinfectants is the kill mechanism of the formula.  Most chemical disinfectants kill microorganisms by poisoning them to death.  The same toxicity that poisons microorganisms makes these disinfectants toxic to humans and our environment.  SpectraKill does not poison organisms to death, but rather strips electrons from within the cell of a pathogen by oxidation.  Rupturing the cell wall is more of a mechanical kill vs. the chemical poisoning of many disinfectants.  That is why SpectraKill RTU is low in toxicity, biodegradable, certified Green and safe to use.