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Where Can SpectraKill RTU Be Used?

Disinfection / April 15, 2021

Earlier this week, an interested customer from Northern California called and asked if SpectraKill RTU could be used in her new home as part of a mold remediation / disinfection application?  She was moving into a new apartment and because of some personal sensitivities and allergies, she needed more than just the usual cleaning that happens between tenants.  She needed deep disinfection to ensure her new home would be a safe and comfortable space.


As we explained, SpectraKill RTU was designed to be a Swiss Army Knife type of disinfectant that can be used in a variety of way and for a variety of applications.  The Aspergillus Niger claim for SpectraKill RTU, confirms efficacy against mold and is just one of the many organisms SpectraKill RTU is proven to kill in a safe and environmentally friendly way.


SpectraKill RTU combines effectiveness and safety through a killing mechanism that is different from most EPA registered disinfectants.  Most disinfectants kill bacteria and viruses through a toxic chemical poisoning that is also dangerous to humans as users and our environment.  These disinfectants basically poison organisms to death.


SpectraKill RTU is different because of oxidation, an absence of electrons.  When SpectraKill is sprayed on microorganisms, it immediately starts stripping electrons from within the cells of bacteria to create equilibrium.  The stripping process ruptures the cell walls and is more of a mechanical kill vs. a chemical poisoning.


Very few disinfectants provide the broad-spectrum efficacy of SpectraKill in a Certified Green formula that is low in toxicity and biodegradable.


Municipal Police and Fire Departments, Schools, Grocery Store Chains, Building Service Contractors, Businesses, Houses of Worship and more are all using SpectraKill RTU for safe and effective disinfection of Covid-19 and other infectious organisms.